Use the Carbon Offsets API to power climate-positive transactions. The API powers donations to Carbonfund 501(c)(3) to offset your carbon consumption. Carbonfund routes 100% of donations to carbon offset projects. Learn more about how they fight climate change on their website.


The Carbon Offsets API uses API Keys to authenticate requests. You can view your sandbox and production API Keys in the CHANGE Dashboard. Your sandbox keys will have the prefix test, and your production keys will have the prefix live.


Testing and Development

Only use your sandbox API keys in testing and development. This ensures you do not create any real donations.

Change uses two types of API Keys:

Public: API Keys that identify your CHANGE account and can be publicly shared in client-side code
Secret: API Keys that should be kept secure and only used in server-side code

CHANGE uses HTTP Basic Auth for authentication. Your public key is the username, and your secret key is the password.



You are required to send the following headers with each request.

  'Accept' => 'application/json',
  'Authorization' => "Basic Base64.encode64(pk_test_123:sk_test_123)"